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WineDex® decreases, but older vintages still on the rise

March 2015 The iDealwine indices, which measure the evolution of fine wine prices over the past 10 years, saw a decrease of 1.14% for February, while the demand for older vintages grew. The year kicked off with very dynamic Online Auctions, which continued to draw international interest. Nearly 50% of purchases at the most recent iDealwine auction were made by buyers throughout Europe (excluding France), Asia and the United States. These buyers favoured older vintages, while prices of more recent ones remained stable. The iDealwine Bordeaux displays the auction price evolution of the…

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Rhône wines attract buyers from around the world

The price evolution of top Rhône Valley wines should be closely monitored. While these wines represent less than 10% of iDealwine’s Online Auction sales, they recently experienced a surge in popularity, some registering record sales. The latest iDealwine auction focused on Rhône Valley wines, with the northern part of the region taking the lead. The wines of Côte-Rôtie dominated the auction, instead of the usual Guigal, with its famous trilogy LA-LA-LA (Landonne, Turque, Mouline). These flagship wines are on the rise again and Jamet in particular captured the buyers’ attention, with a classic…

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How to age champagne

Similar to other wines, certain champagne styles will benefit from time in the bottle. Vintage champagnes in particular are well-suited to ageing, while the brut style is generally intended for immediate consumption. When ageing champagne, the bottle format (such as magnum or jeroboam) plays an important role, as well as the storage conditions (humidity, cellar temperature). While vintage wines available after three, five or even 10 years of cellaring, are usually ready to drink, it is not uncommon to keep some for even longer. Producing champagne takes time. It spends a minimum of…

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Is Petrus worth the price?

In the world of great Bordeaux, Petrus is certainly a top performer at auctions. But is paying several thousand euros for a bottle of this famous Pomerol really worth it? The great wines of Bordeaux are not all part of the 1855 classification, which concentrates on the left bank of Bordeaux. Located in the heart of the Pomerol appellation and property of the Moueix family, Petrus is proof of this, distinguishing itself as potentially the best red wine in the world. From Paris to Hong Kong and New York, a bottle of Petrus…

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